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The best way to feed your dog is to feed your head with knowledge. It is important to recognize that no matter where you are at in life, or what you contributed to creating you are doing the best you can with the understanding, information awareness and knowledge that you have until you can find a better way.

As a canine health and wellness researcher, I am devoted to providing useful information that may be used to create a healthier life style for companion animals. It is my deep desire and mission to equip you with resources for information to increase your understanding so that you may make better choices for the well being of your canine friend. I have included many links for you to learn from. Some of the links may advertise, promote or sell a product. I am not affiliated with any such products. I do not sell, endorse, advise or recommend the use or purchase of such products. You must read and decide what is right for your animal.

“Kibble and canned food is not made for the health and longevity of your dog. It is for survival only. Seventy-five plus years of dog food propaganda has resulted in food that is unsafe, unhealthy and has totally fooled consumers with misinformation. I urge you to think logically about who you can go to for UNBIASED information. Consider the source when you ask for nutritional information about a product and if the person you are asking is trying to make money by selling a food product. If they are a veterinarian, do not assume that they have had nutritional training. Most vet schools offer no such training.” I quote Dr. Ian Billinghurst, D V M

    “Veterinary dogma holds that small animal nutrition is something left to the experts employed by pet food companies. That the so called ‘super premium’ food products are the pinnacle of pet nutrition, and if the manufacturers of ‘super premium’ pet foods and prescription diets don’t know the answers, then it would be impossible for anyone else to know. This simply is not true.”

You will find informative food for thought in some of the links provided and it is my great desire that it provokes you to think about and make changes for the health and wellness of your faithful companion.

Do you put your dog “out to pasture” when he is hungry. Would you consider feeding a horse a steak for dinner? Would a cat enjoy a flake of alfalfa for lunch? Does it make sense to feed a dog a bowl of cereal (kibble)? It is important to feed a species appropriate diet to each species. DOGS ARE CARNIVORES. Evolutionary nutrition is vital for maximizing and supporting the health, and wellness of your dog and to minimize the need for veterinary intervention.


Seven year old dog fed
kibble his whole life


Three days after
a raw food diet

Dogs may survive but will not thrive eating mixes of wheat, corn, soy, rice and etc. mixed with protein sources that are unfit for human consumption. These sources of protein from dead, diseased, dying and disabled animals, and sometimes rendered companion animals have also been included in the mix. You may purchase pet food that says it is made from human grade ingredients. Well consider this, the protein mixture undergoes extreme high temperature processing, which is even more devastating to an already deficient food. Vitamins, amino acids and all enzymes are damaged or destroyed by high temperature processing. This is just part of the process before it gets packed into cans labeled “Pet Food” Extrusion is the process that is used to make the little uniform shapes of kibble The extrusion process often converts proteins in the grain into neurotoxins. To make it smell attractive and palatable to your dog, animal digest or recycled kitchen grease from the restaurant industry and other unfit for human consumption oils are generally sprayed directly onto dried extruded pellets known as kibble. Are you hungry yet?


Before a species
appropriate diet


Three days after
a raw food diet

A dog can survive for awhile on food that is not evolutionary correct. However, for optimum health and wellness you can learn what to do to support a life style that allows your dog to thrive instead of just survive So many dogs today are suffering with cancer, obesity, dental disease, hypertension, kidney and liver failure, heart and dental disease, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, unhealthy skin and coats, and are dying with many of the same diseases as humans at an alarming rate. It is time to pay attention to what you are to feeding your dog. “You are what you eat” also applies to dogs.

I hope that you will go to the links section and begin to learn just what is in that bowl of brown pellets that you feed your dog. You will be shocked. In my opinion the only thing missing on a bag or can of pet food is the skull and crossbones symbol along with the phone number of the poison control center. The good news is that you don’t have to be a genius or have a background in nutrition to work out a diet plan for your companion animals. You don’t have to even worry about balancing the diet each day. Diet balances itself after several weeks, possibly months. There are healthy cheap and viable alternatives to processed pet food. Several Yahoo groups are available to join and continue learning. The links below offer only a sample of what is on the Internet. It is my hope that you will turn some of the information provided into knowledge. Remember, unanswered questions not as dangerous as unquestioned answers.

I am available for group canine nutrition classes as well as private consultations. Out of state personal phone consultations can also be arranged. You will learn how to feed your canine companion a diet that supports the immune system and promotes health and wellness. You will witness the joy of a dog eating a species appropriate diet. You will take home reading materials and gain confidence to make the needed changes in your dog’s diet. You will learn how to shop for and stock your freezer with real foods fit for a dog. There will be opportunity to share and ask questions. On going phone or e-mail support is extended to you as your animals make the transition to a healthy diet. If you prefer to learn on line just start with some of the links below to begin your journey into a better way to honor, support and love your dog. Please let us know if your dog has benefited from the information provided here.

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