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From the moment your dog puts his paw in the swim-spa he will be assisted. To comfort the canine client and build confidence, float coats are available for use during swim sessions.

Cidney enjoys regular swim sessions to help with arthritis and to keep fit

Dogs have a natural ability to swim. However not all dogs enjoy swimming. Your dog will have an opportunity to learn water confidence. Most dogs adapt to swimming after a few sessions.

Our aqua exercise program begins slowly to accustom the dog to the water, environment and procedure. Our swim spa is equipped with built in benches so that the canine can begin with wading in mid chest level water in an effort to become familiar with the new experience. Your dog may then be introduced to the TTouch Training method that uses tools such as a body wrap, balance leash, wand or a float coat to offer relaxation and new body awareness to the dog. Following this your dog will move into hydrothermal exercise, also known as active assisted swimming.

During assisted swimming, different combinations of whirlpool and resistance swim jets may be utilized. The canine swim-spa is equipped with twenty nine jets. The whirlpool jets create circulating currents which offer a wonderful warm water experience. The water which is kept at ninety four degrees has a sedative effect on nerve endings and therefore may reduce pain, swelling and discomfort. The buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by ninety percent, relieving pressure on joints and muscles, creating a sensation of weightlessness. During hydrothermal assisted swim sessions your dog will begin to relax. This enables the nervous system to discover new possibilities. Non weight bearing aqua exercise re-patterns the canine body’s memory, in turn balancing the dog’s energy. This allows the canine client more flexibility and ease of motion. As your dog becomes more comfortable in the water work the body will be able to release tension. This sets the stage for positive changes for your canine companion. We strive to support the dog as the body strives for balance.

Rest periods are taken several times throughout the session to allow the body to rest and recuperate. At these times of rest, combinations of the TTouch Method are offered to the dog to help them gain the most from their pampered paw swim session.

After completion of our swimming session, your dog will enjoy pampering indulgences. After exiting the pool your bundle of fur will be wrapped in a preheated soft fluffy terry bath towel. You may opt to sit in front of our fireplace and towel dry your dog off as a doggie video is played for their delight and entertainment. Or, you may just enjoy soothing spa music and the sound of our waterfall. If your dog is comfortable with the noise and force of a commercial dryer you may use this option. All first time visitors will get to choose a present from our treasure chest. And of course we offer each pooch a special treat to eat. Pampered Paw Swim Spa – A place where happy memories begin.

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